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Portrait: Joakim Wijk, “Web Generation” Award winner.

Portrait: Joakim Wijk, “Web Generation” Award winner.

He is Swedish and he’s “Bike Heaven” work won in last RMFF edition.

His main work is about fashion but got so fascinated by the work of his close friends whom produces motorcycle gear and parts with their own special design that Joakim decided to make a promo short movie about Bike Heaven (this is the name of the atelier) production.

We sneaked in some of Joakim works and got stunned by the use of light of this young artist. You can check some of his works here.

Today he runs NADA FILM, a production company, that mostly shoot commercials.

Joakim’s advice to new filmmakers:

“Just shoot stuff, a lot of stuff, learn by doing. Try to collaborate with others as well.” 

And we loved it!

Joakim has been awarded “Web Generation” winner on RMFF 2018 edition

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